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Are you ready to start a new business? Be your own Boss? Work from Home? Would you like to start a new part time, or even full time business to earn extra cash every month with NO need to carry stock & NO large financial outlay?  If so, this is an idea income opportunity for you !

What We have got for you is an already built business that you can start utilising right away. You’ll have your own web store and you’ll get lifetime training courses and support. You’ll know everything you need to know to start your long term home business with the franchise program.

The “KOKOSHUNGSAN®” is a completely unique Home Based Franchise that could generate you a main Monthly Income. Allowing you to take a share of the $147 Billion that is spent by online Advertisers.

Thousands of businesses are seeking to “advertise online” but the lack of credible price effective websites to advertise has been very restricted.

The Market place is massive. The Online Advertising market is predicted to hit $147 Billion by 2021, and with the “KOKOSHUNGSAN®” franchise you could take a share.

More and more advertisers are seeking to boom their business by capitalising on the trend of online search. This huge market is growing a frantic pace and the “KOKOSHUNGSAN®” franchise is offering the perfect solution to online advertisers.

With print advertising falling to record lows advertisers are finding it extra difficult to reach out to potential customers.

With internet search now accounting for 89% and growing of all new business, businesses are hungrydesperate to find ways to advertise online.

The fact is that if a business isn’t online they may be lacking out. For the Advertiser our precise self-service platform internet site is really great and offers any business the ultimate in on-line advertising and marketing. The advertiser can book, pay and ship over all of their advertising necessities within minutes, the use of the self-service platform within every website.

Fact is if a business is not online they are missing out.

For the Advertiser our unique self-service platform website is truly amazing and offers any business the ultimate in online advertising. The advertiser can book, pay and send over all of their advertising requirements within minutes, using the self-service platform within each website.

By providing each advertiser a FREE sales web page it has enabled us to grow to be the No1 website where all savvy businesses are wishing to advertise.

With the self-service platformhigh visibilityfull tracking and low advertising marketing cost, it brings to the market place the ultimate in online advertising and marketing. We are now rapidly expanding our low cost franchise operation around the world.

You have got the opportunity to grab an “Exclusive” franchise in your area, city, holiday Island or location and be the No1 Multiple Income Streams & eCommerce Solution website for search.

Here are the HUGE benefits

  • Up to 58% discount off our normal Franchise rate.
  • One off joining fee for the “Lifetime Exclusiverights to use the “KOKOSHUNGSAN®“Franchise.
  • NO website maintenance is needed.
  • NO hosting fee.
  • NO domain fee. (Use free subdomain or provide us with your registered domain.)
  • NO contract! cancel anytime you want.
  • NO need to carry stock.
  • NO Large Financial Outlay.
  • NO need to deal with customers at all.
  • NO programming experience needed.
  • 100% Autopilot. 
  • FULL re-sale rights. You can resale your Franchise at a profit, while still retaining ownership
  • Free internet marketing tools
  • Free 800+ training courses
  • Free VIP 24/7 365 support
  • And many more….

How it works?

Become a Franchisee, Receive A Website Combines With 11 Business Models,  And Get Up To 80% Generous Commissions Just For Sending Visitors To Your Website!

With our franchise program, you will be able to get paid for every single sale that you refer. How much you earn is entirely up to you and with our generous payout, You’ll Be Making More Money Than Us!

Send your visitors to your own franchisee website is all you need to do. The commissions are yours as long as your referrals buy anything within 90 days. Your sales are recorded with the referral tracking system, your cut is guaranteed — no “lost” commissions. You will also get commission every time your affiliates purchase product without the affiliate link!

When do I get paid?

Track your earning via your personal account panel. Request the earning paid to your Paypal account anytime you want.

How much money I can earn?

Get Paid From 9 Business Models!

Income Streams: 

1, KOKOSHUNGSAN® business directory & Shop

[Business directory and Internet marketing tool package]

For each sale of the Basic Package, you get paid £13.6 Per Sale!

For each sale of the Premium Package, you get paid £53.6 Monthly!

For each sale of the Diamond Package, you get paid £300 Per Sale!

[Digital Information Products]

You will receive UP TO 80% commission.

[Service Products]

You will receive 20-80% commission.

2, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Global Affiliate Marketplace

Earn 10% commission up to 5 tiers (50%) for digital and service products & 1 tier of 10% commission for physical products.

3, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Get Paid To Write

Receive 10% of earnings for life from each people you refer. Check More Details Here.

4, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Download & Earn

Receive 10% referral commission.

5, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Share & Earn

Receive 10% of earnings for life from each people you refer.

6, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Click & Earn

Receive 10% referral commission.

7, KOKOSHUNGSAN® Watch & Earn

Receive 10% referral commission.

8, 24×7 E-University

Receive 10% referral commission.

9, WriteWithAI

Receive 20% referral commission.

The cost to join the program?

We wanted to make sure joining the “KOKOSHUNGSAN®” Franchise was open to everyone. And we offer you The Low-Cost Join Fee.

[One Off Joining Fee]

For the “Lifetime Exclusive” rights to use the “KOKOSHUNGSAN®” Franchise in your area with everything that is listed above is a one-off joining fee of £1699 £699

2 Easy Steps to get started

  2. Contact 24/7 365 customer support centre & tell us your domain. (Use a free or Register your own domain at or any domain supplier you like)


A) How it works exactly?


2) Receive your website with 9 Business Models

3) Send customers to your franchisee site.

3) Track profits. That is it!

B) How my franchisee website will look like? Check Demo

C) What am I selling on my franchisee site?  A franchisee site combines 9 business models. So you are selling  ALL products from 9 websites!

D) Can I edit my website? No, your website will be auto-updated by us. We will fully manage your site, which allows you just to focus on selling.

E) Can I have backend access to manage my site? No,  you won’t have access to manage your franchisee website because we will do it for you including all data updating, server management..etc. All you need to do is JUST PROMOTE YOUR SITE & FOCUS ON SELLING. 

F) Can I host my website? No, all franchisee websites have to be hosted by us.

G) How to get full rights to control my website? To protect our brand name, we manage all franchise sites from our end. If you would like to have full rights to manage/edit your site under your own brand name, you don’t need to join the franchise program. You might consider purchasing the affiliate website instead.

H) Can I resell my franchisee website? Yes, FULL re-sale rights. You can resale your franchisee website at a profit at any price you set, while still retaining ownership. You will need to contact the 24/7 365 customer support team to transfer the ownership and there will be a service charge of £399 for it.

I) Is there Hidden fees? Absolutely not! Only pay a one-time join fee of £699 + domain renewal fee (Use our free subdomain for a lifetime! or you can register your own domain.)

J) Will you add more income streams in the future? Yes, our mission is -build as many online income streams as we can to help people making money online, work from home and gain Financial & Time Freedom. Please check here or Forum for any updates.

More question? Please Do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 365 customer support team.

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