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All Languages Are Accepted! Write Article in Your Own Language!

How does it work?

  1. Create an account. Next, click on “List4Free”. Then, select “Free Package” and start writing.
  2. Write for shops, stores, clubs, online business…etc. and publish listicles for them.
  3. Earn 10 KOKOCoin (KKC)  as soon as an article is published.


Can I write articles in my own languages?

Yes, please select your location in the article submission form and start writing the article in your own languages. If you cannot find your location, please contact us, we will add it.

How many articles can I publish?

You can publish as many articles as you want. However, you can publish only one article per business.


How to get my article approved faster?

Please provide as much information as you can according to the form requires. The article must be unique.

How do I know that my article has been claimed by the business owner?

Once the article is claimed by the business owner, it will be transferred to the owner’s account. So you won’t be able to see the article from your own account.

How can a business owner claim the list?

The list can be claimed by clicking on “claim listing” at the top right of every listing.

How do I get more rewards by writing articles?

– Provide free writing services to local and online businesses.

– Encourage them to read the article, sign up for an account, and keep themselves updated. You can earn a commission of 30% when they claim the list and pay for the package. You also earn KOKOCoin(KKC)  no matter what you do here whether you read articles, register an account, click on a link, create groups, invite friends, write comment…etc. Check more details on KOKOCoin(KKC)  page.

– Be KOKOSHUNGSAN® freelance writer & sales representatives, work anytime & anywhere, and earn 5000 KOKOCoin(KKC)   & earn up to 80% commission.

– You can also get paid by writing an article at You will earn revenue for every article that is published & get paid per view. Check details HERE.

*Many ways to earn KOKOCoin (KKC)

Can I create an online booking form for the business?

Yes, you can add online booking forms easily with the installed template for the hotels, restaurants..etc. However, there is one condition: they should have an account at OpenTable. With the booking form, customers can book a table or a room easily.

How can I contact you?

Do not hesitate to contact our 7/24 365 customer support Center.

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