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Earn rewards by collecting KOKOCoin (KKC) !

Earn unlimited rewards by writing your listicles and/or having fun with us.

How can I collect KOKOCoin (KKC)  ? How many can I get?

Here is a detailed description of the value of each action on this website

Publishing Listing: 10 for writers; 5000 for sale representative

Registration: 1

Daily visits: 1

Viewing contents: 1

Viewing Posts: 1

Viewing Pages: 1

Viewing Listing: 1

Viewing Products: 1

Viewing Video: 1 (Award 1 coin for every 600 seconds watched of the video)

Logins: 1

Comments: 1

SPAM comments: -1000

Trashed Comments: -1000

Clicking on the link: 1


Referring Visitors: 1

Referring Signups: 10

Product reviews: 1

Social Share: 1

Anniversary (being a member for a year): 100

Birthdays: 1000 

Shop: Earn 1 KKC for every £1 you spend

Group Network Activity: Members

  • New profile activity: 1
  • profile avatar: 1
  • profile cover image: 1
  • new friendship: 1
  • Ending Friendship: -1
  • new comment: 1
  • Deleted Comment: -1
  • Favorite activity: 1
  • Removing Favorit Activity: -1
  • Sending Gift: 1

Group Network Activity: Group

  • Group Creation: 10
  • Group Deletions: -10
  • New Group Avatar Upload: 1
  • New Group Cover Upload: 1
  • New Forum Topics: 1
  • Editing Forum Topics: 1
  • New Forum Posts: 1
  • Editing Forum Posts: 1
  • Joining Groups: 1
  • Leaving Groups: -5
  • New Group Comments: 1


How can I use my KOKOCoin (KKC) & Can I convert it to another currency?

1) Use your KOKOCoin (KKC) to shop at KOKOSHUNGSAN® Shop

2) Convert it into cash.

3) Use it for cryptocurrency exchange on UniSwap, 1inch, and kingex.

(KKC can be paid to your Cryptocurrency Wallet. Transaction fee is not included. )

To note, the rate for KOKOCoin (KKC) you use to shop here is 1000 KOKOCoin (KKC) equal to £1 GBP.

Any way else I can earn KOKOCoin (KKC) ?

You can also earn KOKOCoin (KKC) when you learn at, browse websites at, watch video/ share social links at, and view Top Offers, Deals, Coupons & Codes at KOKOSHUNGSAN® Coupons.

More ways will be added in the near future.


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