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Curb Masks are some of the most comfortable face masks on the market, providing a cotton rich 3 layer fashionable mask. Our unique Dual-Fit design means it suits most face types and every mask comes with a free Curb Caddy to transport your mask in a clean and hygienic fashion.


Breathable  fabric. Maximum airflow and comfort
Cotton lining. Ultimate softness against your skin
3 Layer Technology. Recommended protection
Spacer Layer. Breathe with ease
Dual-Fit. Great fit for all face shapes
Stretchable. Supreme comfort
Reusable. For a greener planet
Anti-bacterial. Hygienic for peace of mind


There is no downside when you wear a Curb mask. Our brilliant design team has designed a mask with a curved cut on one edge, and a straight cut on the other. You can choose which is the upside for you – the curved cut is lower, and reduces misting if you wear glasses / sunglasses. Or turn your Curb Mask the other way around, and you can wear it with a more straight cut – it’s up to you. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ – so we have two sizes for kids, and two sizes for grown ups.


The Caddy is a spring-open pouch which ensures you can keep your Curb Mask clean, safe and handy. Ideal for hygienic storage in your pocket, handbag, backpack or sports bag. Crew (customers) receive a free Curb Caddy with every Curb Mask bought.


Why choose Curb? It’s reusable, washable and effective and most importantly, it’s supremely comfortable. Kinder on you, kinder on the planet by reducing unnecessary non-biological waste.


At Curb Mask, we believe in giving back, thats why for every Curb Mask sold, we will be donating a PPE mask to organisations that have a real need for them. The Curb Crew (Customers) get to nominate a Care Home, Hospice, Hospital or local charity at checkout and Curb Mask will then choose one randomly for each donated batch shipment. We’ll update where we’re sending the PPE on our social media pages, so the Crew can see just where they’ve been sent. And just how many we’ve sent. It’s as simple and transparent as that. This way every purchase has a greater purpose.

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3 Angel Walk, London W6 9HX, UK

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