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We pride ourselves on supplying the safest and highest grade CBD oils and CBD products on the market.

Founded by George Kruis and Dominic Day – together the pair have 24 years of professional rugby experience. As with all athletic sports, their careers have been punctuated with ups and downs, and the pair have certainly overcome many health hurdles. This has inspired the duo to learn more about the supplements that could help them maintain their active lifestyles – naturally. This has led to the birth of fourfivecbd! The aim was to share what they learned about the world of athleticism – and to change it for the better.

Right from the start, fourfivecbd’s Dom Day and George Kruis have been passionate about creating a natural supplement made by athletes for anyone who leads, or wants to lead, an active lifestyle. This led to their discovery of the potential of CBD – and since 2018 the pair have worked closely with the best CBD suppliers in developing their very own range of high grade CBD products.

Fourfivecbd products contain natural, non-addictive ingredients, and are made with the utmost precision and care. The company has a wide range of products designed for active people, and each is created to be a great addition to any wellness regime. From CBD oils, capsules, topicals, drinks and bundle packages, fourfivecbd offers something for everyone – they’re easy to use, and easy to dose. All fourfivecbd products are third party tested under strict laboratory conditions and all lab reports are viewable on their website. This way, they can guarantee that their CBD products are the highest grade available in South Africa.

The brand is proud to have secured many listings with leading retailers such as Boots and has been featured on BBC Sport, Forbes, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Sunday Times. The brand has been linked to health, sports and fitness across many channels with Instagram influencers such as Poppy Cross even reviewing products.

About CBD:

CBD, also known as Cannabidol, is a cannabinoid, which is a naturally present compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Using our body’s very own endocannabinoid system (ECS), these compounds join our cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain.

The two main cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa are THC and CBD, as many are already familiar with. THC is responsible for that ‘high’ feeling while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound- meaning it cannot get you ‘high’. CBD is produced from industrial hemp which is naturally very low in THC.

fourfivecbd’s CBD oil is CO2 extracted from the hemp plant and then diluted with a carrier  oil, MCT oil, which improves absorption and bioavailability in the body. The carrier oil used is plant based and suitable for vegetarians or those who are health conscious and remains a very attractive option for those incorporating it into their wellness and sports routine.

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2 Victoria Square, Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3TF

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