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10K+ Bulk Websites Templates Graphics


The Biggest Templates & Graphic Collection Pack! Unlock This Unique Collection Of Pre-Built, Pre-Coded Optin Graphic Templates And Watch Your Subscriber Rate (and Profits) Shoot Through The Roof.

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If you can “copy and paste” then you have what it takes…

The Biggest Websites Templates Graphics Collection Package: 10K+ Bulk Websites Templates Graphics!!

“Unlock This Unique Collection Of Pre-Built, Pre-Coded Optin Graphic Templates And Watch Your Subscriber Rate (and Profits) Shoot Through The Roof”

NO GRAPHICS EDITING Required… Each Optin Template Is Professionally Designed, Pre-Coded, And Ready To Be Added To Your Sales Pages In Minutes!

Dear Friend and Internet Marketer,

Who hasn’t heard the term… “The money’s in the list?” I think we all have… right?

But I never realized how PROFITABLE these 5 little words were until I started building my own lists and sending promotional emails on a regular basis.

Now… My number one focus – whenever I setup any type of website – is providing a captivating, irresistible offer that gets folks to opt-in to one of my lists. It’s that simple!

Ya, see… once I realized just how much money I could make through email marketing… I became obsessed with building my lists as fast as humanly possible…

I finally realized – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the more folks who option into my lists, the more money I’d be putting into my bank account each and every day – and that was a great feeling!

So I quickly began trying everything imaginable to build my opt-in lists as fast as humanly possible…

I tested and tweaked everything regularly…

I redesigned my sales pages and squeeze pages almost daily…

I wrote (and re-wrote) new headlines constantly

I tested new sales copy (even hired a few pros)…

I changed my FREE offers regularly…

I changed the e-cover graphics I used for my reports and ebooks…

I used various scripts to create urgency in my offers…

the list goes on and on…

And then one day I tried something I’d never tried before and SHAZAM!… I quickly realized I stumbled upon a GOLDMINE!

I took the plain ole’ BORING opt-in forms that I had on all of my web pages – you know the ones you get from Aweber or Get Response (just to name a few) – and instead of just placing that simple form on my web pages as I always did in the past, I now started placing my options offers inside a Graphical Optin Form.

BANG! Instant results… and not just a few more measly subscribers each day either…

I’m talkin’ as much as a 65% increase in my subscriber rates virtually overnight.

I was shocked… amazed… stunned! Could it really be this easy? Yes!

Just think about it…

Let’s say you’re averaging 50 new subscribers each day from one of your options offers and you suddenly increased that number by 65%… Now you’re looking at about 70 new opt-in subscribers per day – an extra 20 opt-in subscribers each day just from one of your option offers.

That’s just over 7,000 additional email addresses on your list each year! And if you figure that each option subscriber is worth just $3.00 each (Lifetime Value)…

That’s An EXTRA $21,000.00 in additional profits in your pocket just from changing that BORING old “standard” form into something really SEXY!

Not to mention that’s just from ONE OF YOUR LISTS.

If you have 5, 10, 15 lists you’re building… that could potentially be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS per year in additional profits just from making one simple change to your option offers…

But here’s the problem…

You see… I quickly found out that a professionally designed option graphic isn’t cheap!

In fact… it would normally cost me about $75-$150 each time I needed to have one created.

After all, it isn’t just the design of the graphics… but it’s also the “tricky” coding (behind the scenes) to go along with it…

… And I understand that for most folks… that’s just not affordable.

Especially when you’re out there just trying to test new niches to see what fish are biting. Having to fork out $150.00 each time you want to test an offer? Sounds a bit crazy, to say the least….

But what if you found a solution that was not only dirt cheap but also gave your web pages that same professional look – PLUS – a custom designed and coded option graphic … for mere pennies on the dollar? Think you might be interested?

Introducing The “10K+ Bulk Websites Templates Graphics”

If you can “cut and paste” then you’re well on your way to instantly increasing your opt-in rates and profits!

So what’s included in this amazing option template pack JP?

Well, first you’re going to receive a professionally designed and coded option graphic template perfect for offering a FREE Report to your subscribers. Best of all, NO GRAPHICS EDITING required. A few simple tweaks to the HTML of the autoresponder code and you’re all set (more on that in a moment)!

PLUS… you’re not only going to receive one FREE REPORT Optin Graphic template, you’re getting a total of SIX:

Next, you’re also going to receive a NEWSLETTER option form graphic perfect for adding to the top fold of any page. The actual graphic is only 200 pixels wide making it the perfect fit for the right or left side of your webpage. Best of all, the option graphic will expand vertically as you add content and images to it – NO GRAPHICS EDITING REQUIRED!

And that’s not all! To really help you dress up your web pages, I’m also including a full set of matching Testimonial Boxes. These testimonial boxes will immediately help you get your testimonials noticed and add credibility to any offer you have on your page. You won’t just receive one testimonial box… you’ll get a full set of SIX boxes all color coordinated to match the optin graphics above:

How nice would one of these “gems” look on your current web pages?

And there’s still more! To really bring this whole package together, You’re also going to receive a complete set of 6 matching web templates that you can use immediately with any of the optin graphics or testimonial boxes to really make your offers pop off the page:

Let’ just recap briefly and take a look at everything you’ll receive in this amazing template pack:


  • 100 website templates
  • 1000+ instant website graphics
  • 1000+ Website Templates Graphics
  • 2000+ website_graphics
  • 3000+ Bulk Website design pack
  • 5000+ WPthemes
  • Graphical Optin Template Pack A
  • Graphical Optin Template Pack B
  • 300+ PHP Scripts

Best of all you’ll never have to edit any graphics to have that professional look and feel you’ve been looking for. And because each of these graphics is color coordinated, you can mix and match various elements to give your website the ULTIMATE in professional look and function for your option offers.

WAIT!… Already have a website you truly adore?

No problem… grab one of the option graphics and add it to any existing page in minutes. All you have to do is edit two lines of HTML code to add your autoresponder ID and upload the files to your website – and PRESTO… you’re done!

You’re only limited by your imagination with these color coordinated combinations…


If you act today and take part in this Special Marketing Test, you can invest in the entire package for just $57.

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