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15,000 Multi Platform Backlinks to get Better INDEX-Rank Higher SEO


How to Get Backlinks Indexed Better of your 1st Tier Backlinks?

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15,000 Multi Platform Backlinks to get Better INDEX

How to Get Backlinks Indexed Better of your 1st Tier Backlinks?

Tier Links(Links to Your Backlinks)– Don’t start having a rage fest because I’m talking about Tier two or three links. Building Tier two or three links are not unethical or blackhat. It’s smart and if you aren’t doing it, then I can guarantee you’re struggling to try to get your links indexed. You can ping your life away, but it’s still not even close to as effective as building a second or third tier of links.

Just so you’re not confused: I’m not talking about building complex spammy link pyramids to “boost” your tier one links. This stuff is silly and a huge waste of time and effort now. The only reason I build Tier two or three links to get my tier one links indexed. THAT’S IT.
Alright, cool. So now what? I’m going to show you the exact indexing techniques I use at least, to most effective.

Features of our GSA SER Services:

  • We accept UNLIMITED URL
  • We accept UNLIMITED Keywords
  • 100% GOOGLE Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird Safe.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Ping services
  • For each GSA SER Blast, we allow unlimited URLs and Keywords.
  • We allow URLs from multiple domains so that our clients can blast URLs of all their websites together.
  • We use high-speed proxies from different locations, so our Blog Comments get a healthy IP diversity.
  • We operate GSA SER on multiple dedicated servers so you will receive the report in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide the complete report for the GSA SER Services.
  • We always deliver more than ordered.

My recommendation is to use GSA SER Blast to create 2nd or 3rd Tier LInks. Please don’t use your money website for this service.

What I Need To Start Order:
Please provide URLs and keywords one per line as follows:

Keywords(maximum 10);
Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword 3
Keyword 4

I accept any language website and all niches website as like Gambling, Pharmacy, and Hacking, ADULT website!

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