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Who Else Would Like To Create Their Own IM Products To Sell For Big Profits, Doing A Minimal Amount of Work, and Spending The Least Amount of Money Possible?

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Who Else Would Like To Create Their Own IM Products To Sell For Big Profits, Doing A Minimal Amount of Work, and Spending The Least Amount of Money Possible?

“IM Product Creation Simplified Gives You The Same Tools That ‘Gurus’

Use To Rake Thousands of Dollars From Their Lists in The IM Niche

Spending VERY LITTLE TIME AND MONEY In The Process!!!!”

Have you answered “YES” to ANY of the following questions?

Have you ever wanted to join the gurus in trying to create your own IM product to sell for profits?

Do you have any personal twists in Internet Marketing that you would like to package and sell?

Have you ever had a mental block which kept you from going forward with your IM product idea?

Have you found yourself slow to take action, even though YOU KNOW you can create your own IM products for profits?

Have you found yourself wanting to create IM products for profits, but don’t have any idea where to


Are you pressed for time, or feel that IM product creation takes too much time?

If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then you are in luck . . .

“Introducing IM Product Creation Simplified . . .”

IM Product Creation Simplified is the most definitive starter kit to help you create your own IM products FAST and EASILY for PROFITS!

This starter kit consists of 16 modules with FULL UNRESTRICTED PLR, written and targeted for the beginner audience – laying the FOUNDATION for you to create your own products around the modules included in the kit!!!

In short, YOU will be the GURU teaching YOUR LIST OR CUSTOMERS the art of internet marketing – MAKING YOU AN INSTANT AUTHORITY FIGURE!!!


“How Should I Use IM Product Creation Simplified?”

Well, there is really no “correct” answer to that question, other than to explain a scenario to you . . .

Think of ANY popular IM product on the market today that has generated thousands of dollars – many times more – for the creator/author . . .

All of these products have the same thing in common:

They are based on the author/creator’s RESEARCH

They are based on the author/creator’s EXPERIENCE

They are based on the author/creator’s UNIQUE TWISTS

IM Product Creation Simplified takes the research element out of the equation for you – all YOU need to do is enhance and tweak these foundational modules to reflect YOUR EXPERIENCE AND UNIQUE TWISTS.

After that, flip them as your own product or products – don’t forget to add your personal enhancements – for EASY, FAST PROFITS!

More on how to use IM Product Creation Simplified in a bit . . .

“The Secret of the Gurus is Now In Your Hands . . . ”

Here’s that scenario I mentioned earlier . . .

Guru X wants to create a mid-to-high-end product teaching novices how to make money online with internet marketing.

Guru X brainstorms on which area or areas he/she would like to target.

Guru X outlines and plans the various portions of his/her course.

Guru X uses PLR products as the FOUNDATION of his/her content.

Guru X makes the product unique by adding his/her EXPERIENCES and UNIQUE TWISTS to the PLR on hand.

Guru X either compiles and puts the product together himself or outsources the work.

In little time with a little bit of work, a fresh, new IM product hits the market and is eaten up by

hungry buyers.

“OK, So, What Does IM Product Creation Simplified Consist Of?”

I’m glad you asked . . .

The 16 modules included with IM Product Creation Simplified contain information on virtually every aspect of internet marketing – including offline marketing – all written for the beginner audience!


Titles Include:


Affiliate Marketing Simplified Article Marketing Simplified

Bum Marketing Simplified Blogging Simplified

Copywriting Simplified CPA Marketing Simplified

Email Marketing Simplified Forum Marketing Simplified

List Building Simplified Fast Niche Product Creation Simplified

Offline Marketing Simplified PPC Advertising Simplified

PPV Advertising Simplified Social Marketing Simplified

Targeted Traffic Simplified  Video Marketing Simplified

That’s 16 in-demand titles included with


“The Ways You Can Use IM Product Creation Simplified Are Numerous!”

Not to sound cliché, but the ways for you to use IM Product Creation Simplified are endless . . .

You can use this product to:

Create a Monthly Membership Site, Covering 1 Module Every Month

Sell Each Module Separately As A Special Report or Individual Course

Convert Modules To Video To Create Your Own Unique Video Product

Convert Modules To MP3s To Create Podcasts and/or Audio Books

Use Modules As Give-aways To Help Build A List

Sell The Whole Package as Your Own High-End IM Course

Split The Modules Into Main IM Course and Upsells and Downsells

Use Modules as Bonus Products for Other Products

Split Up Into Articles and Email Course Material

. . . And Too Much More To Mention

“Imagine The Following . . . ”

Imagine having a membership site at $27, $37, even $47 per month or more giving access to training

from each module, each month . . .

Imagine creating your own high-end IM training course for $197+ with upsells and downsells . . .

Imagine using IM Product Creation Simplified to create your own product and have it published through Clickbank, Click2Sell, PayDotCom, etc. and having affiliates promote it . . .

“The Ingredients Are All Here For You – All You Need To Do Is Add Water!!!!”

“The Instant Oatmeal Theory” applies here – just add water . . .

All of the foundational content is here – the ingredients – and, all YOU need to do is add water – YOUR PERSONAL TWISTS AND EXPERIENCES.

BAM! Instant product creation . . .

That’s what IM Product Creation Simplified is all about!

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