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17 IM How To Videos with PLR


17 IM How To Videos with PLR

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17 IM How To Videos with PLR

Video 1 – How To Register A Domain Name

Video 2 – How To Choose & Register A Web Hosting Provider

Video 3 – How To Set Up Name Server For Your Domains

Video 4 – How To Upload Files Via FTP

Video 5 – How to Setup a Free WordPress Blog

Video 6 – How To Add Paypal Order Buttons To Your Website

Video 7 – How to Use Jing Take Screenshots of any Website

Video 8 – How To Set Up MySQL Databases For Your Website

Video 9 – How To Setup An AWeber Autoresponder Account

Video 10 – How to Quickly Create Your Own eCovers

Video 11 – How to Cloak An Affiliate Link With Tinyurl

Video 12 – How to Create A Download Page

Video 13 – How To Set Up Domain Redirects For Affiliate Marketing

Video 14 – How to Create A PDF File

Video 15 – How to Setup A Squeeze Page

Video 16 – How to Create A Free Helpdesk via Cpanel

Video 17 – How To Upload Files to Amazon S3

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