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Free Software-Shareware Creator


Are you worried about the security of your application or e-book?


Including: Private Label Resell Rights  :  Full Source Code Files  :  Professional Graphics Package

Protect Your Software and E-Books!

Are you worried about the security of your application or e-book?

Would you like an easy, inexpensive way to offer a limited trial period for your software?

Introducing… Shareware Creator!

The fast and easy way to convert any application into time-limited, crack-resistant shareware!

Look… there are all sorts of shareware protection methods out there. Like Nag Screens, Feature Limits, Trial by Date, Trial by Executions, Hardware Locks, etc.

Many small developers even use their own coding hacks to try and protect their software.  Nice idea… but usually ineffective against the bad guys.  In fact, it’s just an open invitation for crackers have a go.  You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to unlock a registration code with a simple debugger.

And isn’t that a scary thought, if software distribution is your livelihood.

The Big Boys (like Adobe & Macromedia) use Commercial Software Wrappers to protect their programs.  These wrappers incorporate sophisticated protection schemes like Debugger Detection, Web Registration, Hardware Lock, Hardware Finger Print, etc… to lock up their high end packages.

Problem is… the industrial strength protectors can cost an arm and a leg.  Which is OK if you’re selling a $700 graphics program… but way too expensive for your basic $29.95 app or utility.

That’s why you need Shareware Creator!

Shareware Creator offers a flexible locking system with rock solid encryption.  Simple Shareware Creator supports VB, C++, Delphi, other executables and e-books.  It will also generate serial numbers to register your application.

Shareware Creator 1.0 provides extra features which you will not find elsewhere.

Easy To Implement

Advanced Trial System (With binary system)

File Date Changing System

Hardware Finger Print

Debugger Detection

Web Registration Feature (Direct transaction through Software.)

Offline Registration (The dialog can also be password protected.)

Ability to choose the number of trial executions.

Ability to generate three levels of key generation.

RC4 and Enigma Encryption is used.

Hidden Traps in the wrapper to detect illegal activity.

Test Program Included.

And make no mistake, we’re not talking some small amount of chump change either… it’s $BILLIONS of dollars of losses annually.  And if you think your application won’t make the list… think again!

Here’s what Shareware Creator can do for you…

Create trial versions of software and ebooks.

Create trial-ware for all other exe files.

Option to create trial version based on time, count and date.

Reset trials on new versions.  Option to allow only one copy.

Create exe backup and detect file modification.

Enable hardware fingerprint.

Option to maintain stolen code database.

Highly secured encryption.

Easy to use.

No licensing fees.

Supports Windows 98, ME, NT, XP.

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