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Finally You Can Leverage The Power Of Facebook to Grow Your Email List… Without The High Costs!

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Finally You Can Leverage The Power Of Facebook to Grow Your Email List… Without The High Costs!


With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

Facebook’s “Lead Ads” program makes it dead-easy for users to opt-in for your offer.

By clicking your lead ad, visitors will see a form that’s already filled in with info they’ve shared with Facebook, such as their name and email, leaving them with nothing left to do but hit the “sign me up” button!

This is a great solution for generating quality leads from Facebook with extremely little effort.

There’s just one small problem…

Getting the leads from Facebook INTO your autoresponder!

Now you could manually import them, which takes a lot of time and hassle, or you could manage your leads through a 3rd party app…for a hefty price of course.

In fact, services such as this will cost you more than $100 per month and for most small business owners and marketers, that kind of money is simply not in the budget.

But I have a much better solution for you today…

Now you can take advantage of Facebook’s powerful Lead Ads platform while seamlessly adding your new leads to your email list, thanks to this easy-to-use WordPress plugin…

Here’s What It Can Do:

The easy to use WordPress Plugin for adding your Facebook leads to your email list without manually importing them!

Connection to unlimited lists – perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page.

Seamless Integration with endless forms and fields – as long as the information can be added to your autoresponder, LeadBook Generator can handle it!

Total control over the frequency of imports – choose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.

“One-click install” right from your WordPress dashboard – no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.

Simple set up through WordPress so there’s no additional software to purchase or navigate.

No costly month-to-month charges so you can run all the campaigns you like without incurring additional fees!

A fully illustrated, step-by-step user guide and video demo make it easy to start generating leads from Facebook and adding them to your list!

Capture new subscribers right where they spend the most time while ensuring you are getting QUALITY leads with REAL email addresses!

And much more!

This is a premium WP plugin that will open the doors to a highly effective way of building your list and making money quickly with Facebook!

This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

You get the full version of the plugin with PLR, user guide & demo video, complete reseller kit, plus a copy of this exact sales site so you can sell it yourself for all the profits!

Ultimate Collection Of TWENTY Facebook

Marketing “HOW TO” Training Videos With Detailed Walkthroughs Of How To Create A STAMPEDE Of Traffic To Your Facebook Page!

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Creating an Action Plan for Your Business

Video 3: Getting Your Brand Ready For Facebook

Video 4: Creating Memorable Slogans That Stick In Your Customer’s Minds

Video 5: How To Use Colors To Sell Your Products and Services

Video 6: Get Cheap yet Quality Logos

Video 7: Upgrade Your Fuzzy Logo Graphics to a Vector

Video 8: How To Use Mascots to Brand Your Company

Video 9: Free Facebook Traffic

Video 10: Free Facebook Traffic

Video 11: Demographics and Frame of Mind

Video 12: Find groups with active fans

Video 13: Pinpoint and Recruit Fans

Video 14: Your Fan Page Engagement

Video 15: Outsource and Automate

Video 16: Create Awesome Content

Video 17: Creating Simple Video Intros That Will Upgrade Your Video Branding

Video 18: How To Position Your Brand As Trustworthy Thru Educational Videos

Video 19: How To Boost Your brand thru Facebook Posts

Video 20: Final Recap

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