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Send in the Drones


Everything You Need to Know About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and How They Will Affect Your Life

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Send in the Drones:

Everything You Need to Know About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and How They Will Affect Your Life

Drones have been around for a very long time, they are found in the airspace in the USA and other places around the world such as Japan. They seem to be more popular now than ever before. They are used for commercial needs, personal needs, and even by the military.

One of the many reasons that various government agencies rely on them is that they save money. It is less expensive to pay for drones to watch for potential drug deals, cattle thieves, and even illegal immigrants trying to get across the border than it is to pay for the man power to be those eagle eyes.

Not everyone is a fan of drones though, and they do worry about them. They feel that their safety and their privacy may be compromised by them. We will cover that in a later chapter. While there are some risks in place, the benefits of drones far outweigh the risk of someone using them for their own personal gain.

They have been in use since the later part of the 1800’s. They were used in several wars including World War I and World War II. Of course what we see today in terms of drones is far different than those early prototypes.

Even if you haven’t paid much attention to drones until now, they have been widely used for quite some time. We will cover the key points of their history in the next chapter. With that in mind, drones aren’t to scare anyone and they aren’t government spy tools on citizens.

Drones are offered in many different shapes and sizes. There are some that called micro drones as they aren’t any larger than a bee that you would see flying around. There are Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) regulations in place that mandate how they can be used, who can use them, and even where they can be used. All of that will be covered in future chapters.

The use of drones is becoming more personal than just military or business use. That is what is opening up the demand for them. There are changes to the laws coming up, and those will also be covered in a later chapter. They were even used in the 2012 Winter Olympics.

Drones are coming into the visual line in all capacities. They aren’t just a military tool anymore. They aren’t just for personal use in hobbies. They are going to start being used commercially. They are also used for safety, security, and for emergency situations.

Some of those reports over the years that someone has spotted a UFO in the sky are believed to be due to drones. They could appear to be a foreign object that they aren’t familiar with. The fact that many drones are solar powered and they can hoover for long periods of time in one place only further makes this mistaken identity more common.

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