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Video Marketing Winning Tips You Will Ever Discover: Secrets to Success!

Why you should be using online video marketing
This is a smart business decision if you’re just getting started in online video marketing. You may still be unsure if this is the right business decision. Here are five reasons you should use online video marketing. Also, here are some benefits you can reap from this decision.
#1 Customers spend their time watching videos
YouTube receives more than 4 billion views daily. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with Google ranking higher. 55% of people view at least one video per day, and 78% see at least one weekly. This information should be enough to make you want to watch more videos and reap the benefits.
#2 Online Marketing Video: Your Competition Is Already Benefiting
Did you know that 81% senior marketing executives use online marketing videos? This is 11% more than it was two years ago. Do not miss this opportunity.
#3 Video Search is Simple
Videos account for 70% of all Google searches. The majority of consumers are looking for information about products and services. They are willing to purchase when they find the right product or service. YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Videos rank highly and online video marketing offers you the best opportunity.
#4 Videos are educational, entertaining, and inspiring
More than 60% of potential buyers spend at least two minutes watching videos about products they are considering buying. Video marketing is a great tool because it engages the emotions. Video can be used to make viewers laugh, cry, or get angry. Because of the visual component, viewers are less likely to leave a video than from an article.
#5 Just a Click away from Buying: Your Visitor #5
An online video marketing video will make 34% more shoppers who are looking for apparel, compared to 16% who watch a TV commercial. You can’t buy if you are watching a TV commercial. You need to visit a store, log in to your computer or call to make a purchase. If an online marketing video is executed correctly, visitors can make a purchase immediately. That’s why there is such a high conversion rate.
These are five reasons to use online video marketing. Now it’s time to get started.

By Shu Chen Hou

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