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We believe in a tokenized economy. KOKOCoin(KKC) progresses from a decentralized future and gives its members three key tasks: (1) to pay their members a lot of funds and improve their skills (2) by paying their members for possible activities (3) Allowing their members to make money in writing, shopping, investing, selling, sharing, teaching, learning, reading, smiling and even kindness to others! Companies use KOKOCoin(KKC) as a way to receive community members who think they receive rewards. At the moment, the opportunities that groups are trying to perform tasks are ineffective. To complete the KOKOCoin(KKC), members often have to spend time writing, buying, investing, selling, sharing, teaching, learning, reading, smiling, and advertising what KOKOCoins(KKC) are available to potential members.

KOKOCoin(KKC) gives businesses and beginners the opportunity to do more tasks by helping thousands of members to participate in the project. The KOKOCoin(KKC) will be a one-stop shop whose members can work together on mutually beneficial measures. Teams can easily and efficiently pay contributions to participants who have met the requirements of any KOKOCoin task in their native language. Make sure each task is completed successfully before making a payment.


Today, the KOKOCoin(KKC) program offers many beginners, companies, and communities that allow members to gain recognition and reward for performing very specific tasks. KOKOCoin(KKC) is often used in the context of literature, shopping, investment, sales, sharing, teaching, learning, reading, smiling and even accommodating others.

KOKOCoin(KKC) are used for the payment since the ETH paid by the client goes through the KOKOCoin(KKC) liquidity pool on Uniswap where it is exchanged for KOKOCoin(KKC). 

KOKOCoin(KKC) programs are also a frequently used tool that ICO is launching on the market. In 2017, blockchain entrepreneurs received more money through original coin offers than through traditional venture capital. So far, in 2017, blockchain entrepreneurs have received more than $ 2 billion through ICO and even exceeded VC funds in June and July. This will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond. Therefore, beginners will be more supportive of the KOKOCoin(KKC) program with future ICOs task.

KOKOCoin(KKC) solves many problems with distributed member network and an automated control system. KOKOSHUNGSAN invites sellers, franchisees, distributors, freelancers, internet marketers and everyone worldwide to benefit from us if you whish to make more online income from your home. You can choose one of the following options. Get involved in the programs and start making more in differnet ways!


At KOKOSHUNGSAN our aim is to make KOKOCoin(KKC) easy to use and accessible to all members around the world. Every human on earth should have the right to use the full potential of the blockchain, store the value, join our payment network and get access to fast and cheap transactions in everyday payments.


In the short term, we will develop a reliable platform where members can pay off at KOKOCoin in exchange for performing ICO’s start-up tasks. The fee is used by KOKOCoin(KKC) because the customer’s ETH is transferred to KOKOCoin(KKC) at Uniswap Liquidity Bank, where it is exchanged for KOKOCoin(KKC).

This is already an important market area with hundreds of new market founders and monthly ICOs. The ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of industries that benefit from a decentralized workforce and a member-oriented pay model.


Here are three case studies that describe the deficiencies of KOKOCoin in their discussions. KOKOCoin(KKC) offers a simplified membership management service that reduces chances of fraud, extends the role of potential members, and allows teams to easily share their rewards and follow the role of each member.


In KOKOCoin(KKC), we are building a network that allows free tasks that everyone can accept and complete. KOKOCoin(KKC) makes it easy for users who want to complete the task to find and accept the task of KOKOCoin(KKC) members. The benefits of this approach are twofold. Firstly, it allows members to focus exclusively on their chosen mission and, secondly, to make it easier for members to pay for their skills and improve their skills or increase their knowledge.

KOKOCoin(KKC) was launched on 6 April 2019. A member can sign up and start earning KOKOCoin(KKC) prizes. Companies or new companies can contact us at [email protected] and choose a membership.


We strive to maximize the distribution of bets. We also try to make everyone who wants to join the badge do it. In the spirit of decentralization, we want to avoid concentrating the coin by blocking a few people with all the chips. Our goal is to achieve this goal through a variety of strategies, from sales structure to the use of wage campaigns and community development incentives. We also want to prevent sales from selling prematurely before everyone starts to participate.


We are currently exploring ways to introduce KOKOCoin(KKC) with its stock market listing so that people do not have to search for a smart contract address every time they want to find a pool. Uniswap only has the option to tag the listings if they are at the top of the CMC 250. Although KOKOCoin (KKC) is not among the top 250, we are investigating other ways to bring KOKOCoin(KKC) to its label and facilitate our community’s search for a liquid fund. When this happens, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, you can join the KOKOCoin(KKC) Uniswap Liquidity Bank at any time using the account agreement address.

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